Note: Minutes of Meetings are confirmed at the next meeting of Council or the Committee.
Meetings are generally held in the Council Chamber, Coronation Square, Wairoa
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaAttachmentsMinutesMinutes Attachments
17 May 2022Infrastructure Committee PDF (18.2MB)
17 May 2022Extra Council PDF (1.5MB)
16 May 2022Extra Council PDF (33.8MB) Under Separate Cover - Vol 1 PDF (9.5MB)
16 May 2022Extra Council Supplementary PDF (2.2MB)
10 May 2022Economic Development Committee PDF (236.2KB)
3 May 2022Council PDF (10.1MB)
3 May 2022Council Supplementary PDF (19.4MB)
3 May 2022Extra Council PDF (9.7MB)
28 Apr 2022Māori Standing Committee PDF (6.7MB)
12 Apr 2022Finance, Audit & Risk Committee PDF (6.6MB)
11 Apr 2022Wairoa Youth Council PDF (5.3MB)
5 Apr 2022Infrastructure Committee PDF (4.5MB)
29 Mar 2022Economic Development Committee PDF (1.6MB)
22 Mar 2022Council PDF (98.5MB) PDF (239.2KB)
1 Mar 2022Finance, Audit & Risk Committee PDF (5.0MB) PDF (139.8KB)
28 Feb 2022Wairoa Youth Council PDF (1.7MB)
22 Feb 2022Infrastructure Committee PDF (11.4MB) PDF (158.8KB)
17 Feb 2022Māori Standing Committee PDF (1.5MB) PDF (141.9KB)
15 Feb 2022Economic Development Committee PDF (2.3MB) PDF (186.5KB)
8 Feb 2022Council PDF (36.1MB) PDF (180.4KB)